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Hi! I’m Michelle, Physiotherapist, Health Coach, Pilates Instructor and mother with 15 years experience in the healthcare industry.

The birth of my son brought the expected highs and lows as well as some unexpected twists and turns in my own personal physical and mental health journey. Ultimately this resulted in a complete re-evaluation of my lifestyle, health and career and a lot of research and learning!

These days I am passionate about inspiring busy, successful women like you, to find clarity and purpose in life.

I believe we all deserve to live an amazing life doing what we love. Whether you are a full-time career woman or juggling part-time work with motherhood (or a side hustle!), you have within you a gold mine of untapped potential just waiting to be discovered!

Invest in creating a purposeful and fulfilling life that you love. I can’t wait to work with you!


Do The Work

I listened to a great podcast recently. It was an interview of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Great interview with so many little nuggets of inspiration. One thing I really loved about this interview was her story about the time she spoke on Oprah....

Glass Half Full

Is the world a good place or is the world a bad place? It is both and neither. The world is neutral. Things happen and they happen constantly. Some things that happen are horrendously awful. Like natural disasters that result in incomprehensible death tolls leaving...

How To Cook With Kelp Noodles

You may be aware from previous blogs that I adhere to a fairly low carb diet. I'm not saying it's the way to go for everyone (I am a huge advocate for bioindividuality, particularly when it comes to diet). But it has certainly worked wonders for me in normalising...

Happy Choose to Thrive Customers

I found the Choose to Thrive Career Clarity workshop to be inspiring, educational and empowering. It was a nurturing gift to myself and a break away from my busy working Mum life. I highly recommend to anyone interested in attending that they do.

Kristen Pavez

Whole Food Educator

The Choose to Thrive Workshop encouraged me to stop…stop and refresh, stop and reflect, stop and reconnect. I left feeling grounded, yet inspired on more levels than I expected. Thank you Michelle and Naomi for an enlightening day, with a wonderful group of people.

Emma Sorbian


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