So you’re in a bit of a funk?

Not the funky disco kind of funk, but the kind where life is getting you down and you just can’t seem to snap yourself out of it? Chances are, this is your gut/intuition telling you that what you are spending your time doing is not in alignment with your core values and big picture goals.

James Brown (the King of Funk) had the answer!

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” (James Brown)

Thank you James! Doing something that stretches your brain and creativity and has nothing to do with work or life responsibilities (ie is just for YOU!) LIKE dance classes is the most effective way to snap out of a low mood for good!

Here are 3 super powerful ways to snap out of it when life is getting you down!

1. Sign up for a class or workshop – there are so so many amazing opportunities to spend a day or weekend learning a fantastic new skill, getting inspired or creative and meeting new people! Whether it’s macramé, fermentation, glass blowing, burlesque dancing or breadmaking there is something out there that will appeal to you. And if it’s something you’ve never done before? Even better! The benefits of flexing your creativity muscles are immense. Not to mention the opportunities that may open up for you for new friendships and connections. Who knows what might come out of a chance meeting at a weekend class? Remember, the Universe delivers amazing things but only if you are putting yourself out there! Doing something outside of your comfort zone that is fun, stress free and creative is a wonderful and effective way to get yourself out of a funk. And who knows? If you really love it, it could even turn into a hobby or future side hustle!

2. Start a course – again the list is endless when it comes to educational opportunities these days. And you certainly don’t have to commit to being on campus at Uni! Online studying is the way of the present! Affordable, relevant and accessible to even the busiest career woman or mother there are endless options to suit any budget or level of commitment. An on-line short course or perhaps a casual weekly evening dance class (remember what the King of Funk said!) doing something you have always been interested in but have never explored could be incredibly fulfilling. Again the potential for new opportunities and friendships is far more likely than if you were sitting at home on the couch (in that funky bad mood!)

3. Volunteer – Probably the most powerful way to snap out of a funk is finding an opportunity to give back to your local or greater community in some way. There are so many volunteer opportunities available these days. In fact, volunteer organisations are crying out for more staff/members and crew as there are never enough hands to achieve the work that needs to be done within our society. By committing to volunteering you will get outside of your head, learn new skills, meet new people (and Im talking ‘go-getter’’change making’’status quo disrupting’ f#*cking impressive people who get things done!) and get a different perspective on the world and your life. I joined my local Rotary Club in 2018 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made due to all of the reasons above.

So there you have it. I am a big believer in these 3 methods for living a fulfilling life so don’t overthink it, just sign up, contact someone, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Love Michelle

PS – What do you do if life is getting you down? Have you tried any of the above ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.

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