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Thanks for stopping by, I’m Michelle Murphy, the Founder of Michelle Leonie and co-creator of the Choose to Thrive workshop series.

As a mother, physiotherapist and health coach, it is my mission to support women by creating opportunities for positive connection, healing and personal growth. I have a special interest in all things relating to women’s holistic health and fertility. I love meeting and collaborating with like minded women so please – get in touch x

Hi – I’m Naomi

As co-creator of the Choose to Thrive workshop series, I am passionate about creating a beautiful experience that is accessible and beneficial for all.

We start our workshops with a yoga session programmed to create a deeper connection between body and mind. This state of relaxed mindfulness is perfect for what comes next in the workshop session – the opportunity for deep self reflection and exploring opportunities for positive change.

Yoga was an essential part of my healing process after an incredibly challenging period in my life. I’m so excited to share the joy of yoga with you all.

I am an environmental scientist by trade, and have spent the last 16 years working in the male-dominated industries of mining, and oil and gas.  Like many women, I went to my first yoga class when I was pregnant, which started a lifelong interest in yoga.

My son was diagnosed with cancer when he was 5, which turned our lives upside-down in an instant, and started a new life full of chemo and hospital visits and worry. During this really difficult time, I came across a beautiful yoga teacher, and found yoga to be like therapy – where I could temporarily find some peace and steadiness.

After almost 4 years of chemo, my son went into remission and started his recovery – and I realised those years I had been on automatic, with no energy or will to do anything more than keep on keeping on. That same month, I resigned from my lucrative job at a big oil and gas company, and started my own small environmental consultancy – and enrolled myself in yoga teacher training.

Yoga is such a powerful tool for self-awareness and centeredness, it gives you more than just the well-known physical benefits – I am so excited to share it with you!


The Choose to Thrive Workshop was a truly uplifting experience. The demands of life are constant and sometimes you need to press pause and take a breath. This workshop created the perfect space to pause, reflect and nurture. Naomi led a gorgeous yoga session which created the perfect platform for the day- re-connecting mind and body. Michelle’s genuine spirit is captivating and refreshing. She guided us through a purposeful and compassionate look inward. Our reflections were complimented by nourishing food and the stories of other like-minded women. The day left me feeling inspired and invigorated to keep working towards my life and career goals. Thankyou Michelle and Naomi for the lovely morning – it was a much-needed hug for the soul.

Clare Hughes


A morning of pure nourishment for the mind, body and soul. The workshop was the perfect opportunity to check-in with and tune in to myself, and I left with greater career AND life clarity! Not to mention a happy belly from so many delicious treats. The Choose to Thrive workshops are the perfect way to invest in some precious ‘me time’ and to connect with other amazing, like-minded women. Thanks for an indulgent day, Michelle and Naomi!

Justine Chong



“The choose to thrive workshop was the perfect mini retreat, which gave me the opportunity to step back, reflect and feel amazing!  Michelle and Naomi are creating a wonderful community of  like-minded women that I look forward to being a part of”

Deneil Fernandez

Business Owner

“I would totally recommend the workshops. The right amount of time, great mix of people, great mix of professionals that you can really relate to and I find that really empowering.”

Laura Quinnell

Occupational Therapist

Michelle Murphy - Professional Bio

Michelle has been in the health industry for 15 years as a qualified Physiotherapist . She more recently completed a Masters in Philosophy (Physiotherapy) and a Health & Nutrition Coaching Certification with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN). Michelle is a certified Pilates teacher and taught group classes for several years. She has also recently commenced post-graduate studies in Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapy to further pursue her passion for all things relating to Women’s Health. She has a wealth of knowledge to pass on and believes everyone deserves to live an amazing life. 

Naomi Kerp - Professional Bio

Naomi is an Environmental Scientist by trade and his been in the oil and gas industry for 16 years. She is a Yoga Alliance member and is a 350 hour yoga teacher (ISHTA yoga). She believes in and has experienced the powerful effects of yoga and can’t wait to lead you in a yoga session.

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