I listened to a great podcast recently.

It was an interview of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Great interview with so many little nuggets of inspiration. One thing I really loved about this interview was her story about the time she spoke on Oprah. Google it and check it out.

Like me, many of you probably thought “Wow. Such a natural, charismatic, articulate speaker. I wish I had her natural talent, that ability to just stand up in front of people with confidence and change lives with words” Well that’s what I thought anyway. I’ve always had enormous admiration for charismatic public speakers. Mainly because this is something I’ve always found really challenging and nerve wracking.

So in this podcast, Marie Forleo asks Elizabeth Gilbert to speak about the work and preparation that went into this talk.


She wrote the speech, then spent six months practicing and rehearsing it until she knew it word for word of by heart. She walked every day and practiced her speech. She tweaked and improved along the way. She put everything she had into that speech. Because you don’t do a half assed job on Oprah.

I love Elizabeth Gilbert. She is so open and honest and frank about how hard she has worked to achieve her successes. And not in a “I work so hard and that’s why I always succeed way” but more of a “I work my butt off every day and sometimes I succeed”. She is very open about her failures and about how the freakish success of “eat pray love” was the result of years and years of consistent hard slog and endless rejections.

Hearing just how much work, time and effort she put into that Oprah speech really inspired me. She didn’t just fluke it or rely on natural talent.

She. Did. The. Work. And it paid off.

Which led me to thinking, there are no free rides in life. If you want to achieve something or conquer a fear, it’s not going to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Love Michelle

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