The Intuition Workshop

Do you trust your gut? Or do you constantly second guess yourself and seek reassurance and confirmation from others when it comes to decisions?

Human beings and particularly women are naturally intuitive creatures which means we were designed to tune inwards to source solutions to problems that crop up in our day to day lives. The problem is, many women in today’s modern society have lost touch with their ‘feminine’ gifts or the ‘yin’ aspects of their nature. This is because we are taught from a young age that to get ahead in a predominantly masculine world we need to think and strive and ‘do’ rather than ‘feel’ and ‘sense’. So we don’t have time or the skill set to tune into our inner knowing.

Having a strong sense of intuition is associated with a greater sense of self trust and self belief. It means we can feel good about the decisions we make based on how we feel and what our senses are telling us. If you are interested in re-tuning back into your intuition, this is the workshop for you.

Join us for a beautiful workshop experience that will provide practical knowledge and strategies for developing your sense of intuition and inner knowing. We will also explore our core values and how these can help to guide our decision making. Your workshop experience will include:

  • Mindful yoga session (suitable for all ages and abilities)
  • Practical workshop session with take home resources
  • Free flowing tea and delicious raw snacks


Oct 27 2019


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm




Open House Studio
33 Ferguson Street, Maylands
Michelle Murphy


Michelle Murphy
0418 930 218
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