Unleash Your Creativity

Human beings are wired for creativity. Since the cave man days, our desire to leave our creative mark on the world has been irrepressible. However, in today’s busy world, many of us are simply too busy with the ‘important stuff’ like career and family, to invest time in our creativity. Or we have avoided creativity as something we are ‘not good at’ and therefore either a waste of time or something that we are too embarrassed to try for fear of failing or looking stupid. But we avoid expressing our creativity to our detriment! Using our creative brain nourishes our mental and emotional health, brings joy and pleasure to our lives and literally makes us smarter by creating alternative pathways in our brains, improving our problem solving capacity and allowing us to think outside the square.

Rediscover your inner child! Join us for a beautiful workshop experience that will push you outside your comfort zone, change the way you think about creativity and may even change your life!

Your workshop experience will include:

  • Mindful yoga session programmed for relaxation and to create a calm and receptive mindset
  • Gourmet lunch, treats and free flowing herbal tea
  • Life drawing class – facilitated by Creative Director of Charcoal and Champagne Aneta Wnek
  • A glass of bubbles to celebrate your creative renaissance!


Aug 18 2019


11:30 am - 3:00 pm




Open House Studio
33 Ferguson Street, Maylands
Michelle Murphy


Michelle Murphy
0418 930 218
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