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Pelvic Floor 101

Pelvic Floor 101: What is it? What does it do? What happens if it is not working properly? Why are women more vulnerable than men? Can we do anything about it? Heard of the pelvic floor but only have a hazy idea of what it is and what it does? This super simple...

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Do The Work

I listened to a great podcast recently. It was an interview of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Great interview with so many little nuggets of inspiration. One thing I really loved about this interview was her story about the time she spoke on Oprah....

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Glass Half Full

Is the world a good place or is the world a bad place? It is both and neither. The world is neutral. Things happen and they happen constantly. Some things that happen are horrendously awful. Like natural disasters that result in incomprehensible death tolls leaving...

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How To Cook With Kelp Noodles

You may be aware from previous blogs that I adhere to a fairly low carb diet. I'm not saying it's the way to go for everyone (I am a huge advocate for bioindividuality, particularly when it comes to diet). But it has certainly worked wonders for me in normalising...

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Sleep is over-rated!

“Sleep is over-rated” That’s what she said! Ok ok…..before you have a go at me over that statement, hear me out. Yes I do know about all the research and media out there on the importance of getting enough sleep. I believe the recommended amount of sleep these days is...

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Endometriosis: 15 years of pain before diagnosis

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of sitting down with a phenomenal woman to hear her story, which includes an ongoing struggle with the poorly understood condition endometriosis. This is a story about one of the most emotionally mature and insightful women...

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